In addition to the leadership and oversight provided by its governing board, The Oviedo Preservation Project is grateful for the on-going advice and counsel of several subject matter professionals, each located conveniently and accessibly in Oviedo. These advisors serve on a pro bono basis, offering competent advice ranging from legal to creative and technology to tax accounting. Without their wise, generous and thoughtful support, the path TOPP has travelled to come this far would have been far more difficult, if not impossible.

  • John Hilston – Former project engineer, banker, and insurance analyst. Currently a Professor of Economics and American History. Always a freedom enthusiast.
  • George Kanistras – veteran publisher, former Oviedo City Council Member, and in the construction industry
  • Lisa McCoy – event planning and grant-writing expert. Extensive experience representing another Central Florida city in its effort to further historic preservation
  • Stephen Schenck – IT support and government relations. Former Oviedo City Council member.
  • Paul Sladek – commercial real estate lawyer with a background in accounting who has a keen sense of property rights
  • Madeleine Tammi – extensive experience with community foundations and hospital funding mechanisms



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