Bob Putnam

Bob Putnam moved to the Oviedo area with his wife, Janet, and two daughters in 1990. Bob has a BS degree in Aero Engineering from Penn State (’67) and is retired after 45 years of professional work as a noise control engineer. Bob’s interest in history takes many forms, such as being a period demonstrator, making handmade hearth brooms in the traditional style, his participation as an actor in the annual TOPP Cemetery Tour, his being one of the principal archivists of his family’s genealogical history, and recently stumbling across the site of an old turpentining still on the UCF campus, which prompted a series of archaeological studies there.

His avid interest in the sport of orienteering is incentive enough to keep fit and active and to indulge an appetite for maps, geography, history and cartography. Applying the credo “geography is history and history is context” is what he brings to TOPP’s board.

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