The Oviedo Preservation Project’s mission is to get more people involved in our community by demonstrating the relationship between the past and the present. To do this, we create opportunities for people to encounter history in ways that are directly related to things that we routinely do every day.

We make every day events more meaningful by connecting the dots from past to present, thus adding relevance and context to elevate the otherwise ordinary event to a cultural experience.

  • When you drive to work through downtown Oviedo, it’s more than getting from Point A to Point B – it’s traveling through a Living Museum
  • When you eat soup that has celery as an ingredient, you’re not just meeting your nutritional needs, you are tasting the vegetable that put Oviedo on the map

Our motto is “We make history fun. We MAKE history. FUN!” Please join our community on Facebook and in person. Together, we can accomplish so much.

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